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Best of 2008...The 365 that failed.

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Day 183: Half Way - a body of work. At the beginning of 2008 I embarked on a year long journey of self discovery called the the 365 Self-Portrait Project. While I made it farther than I thought I would, I didn't make it all the way through. But I learned a lot about my own creativity and talent. Looking back on the project I am mighty proud of most of the shots I took. I have compiled a list of my favorites from the project...after the jump

Note: you can click any photo to see it on Flickr

Day 183

The photo at the top of this post is a fav because it just kind of hammers home how BIG the project really is...and that is only 1/2 way through!

Day 20

Day 20:Pieces, part seven - the end.Day 20 is really a mini project titled "Pieces". On day's 14-20, I took a "TTV" shot (thru the view it, see all my ttv shots here) of a piece of my body, then put them together to form this image. I LOVE how it turned out.

Day 115

Day 115: Secrets...where do you keep yours?On Day 115, I found out my good friend Carrie was expecting a child, but wanted to keep it a secret until the third trimester. So I came up with this shot. What I really love about this, is that it was done with light, and very little post-processing.

Day 80

Day 80: The Truth Is... Ah yes, Day 80. Not particularly a great photo. Hell, I don't even think it is in the top 30 of my 365 shots. No, what makes this one of my favorites is the text I wrote to accompany it. It wasn't "to" anyone...yet it was "to" everyone. I think we all feel it sometimes. Anyway here is a short excerpt from it... You should click on the picture and read the whole thing...well...that is if you care to.

The Truth is...
...I never intended to call you back
...I never did stop
...I never did love you
...I wasn't THAT drunk

Day 101

This shot was harder than it looks.
Day 101: the power of love.
There are few rules to the 365 project, but one is that no one can help compose the shot. So this took about 10 shots to get close to what I wanted. It also shows a technique that I really love: selective coloring.

Day 164

Day 164: Paging Bob AvelliniWhat isn't there to like? It spawned this site.

Day 185

Day 185: I wish I was SpecialI LOVE this one. The original image has natural light hitting me from behind, and a lamp in front. Which provides this wonderful two tone lighting. The textures really highlighted that color difference perfectly. This is absolutely a favorite.

So many more...

There are a few more that I really liked, but you really need to see the photo with the description. If you are interested you can head on over and view the entire set here: 365 days.

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